The Logo Design

Here we go!

I'm really thrilled to be launching Katie Jane today and pushing the all important 'publish' button.

Interiors and food are my passion and after gaining valuable industry experience working alongside some top creatives and brands I'm ready to go out on my own and offer a range of styling services for residential, editorial and commercial. Katie Jane is also home to Pretty Squares, an online visual content creation agency servicing brands worldwide, but more on that later as this blog post is all about the Katie Jane brand.

The logo design was actually the final piece of my business puzzle but a really fun and celebratory moment so I thought I'd share with you my thought and design processes.

The App

It all started a whole two days ago - Welcome CANVA a graphics app that does all the hard work for you. Now this app is seriously easy to use, simply select the template that appeals to your style and based on your requirements ie Facebook banner, Instagram square, business cards, logo ...... the list goes on and on, then start to alter the size colour font of just about everything within that template. Once you're happy download either on a solid background or transparent - It's that easy trust me! (A link to CANVA for you)


The Design

I really wanted to keep the design quite simple and to represent the clear brand I'm building. The KJ circle at the top can also be used as a stand alone logo, for areas where space is limited like bio pics, browser icons, and social sharing.

To me the circle is a symbol of sustainability, flow and connectivity, all the feelings I'm wanting to evoke from this visual. The simple sharp lines of the font, Josefin Sans, made me feel secure and assured, so in it went!

Playing around with the KJ letter spacing, to make me look cooler than I actually am, was really fun and I had three pretty good options in the end and after annoying my family and friends with the shortest survey of the year, this was the winner overall and my personal favourite.

The Colour

What colour? Ive always loved to keep up with the latest trends in the design industry, however with my logo I wanted to maintain my colour choices across all platforms and seasons. Something that showed reliability and when I think of reliability I think of the timeless combination of black and white. Done!

That's it, thank you for reading my very first Katie Jane blog post. This space will be an interactive destination for those people who share my love of all things style, I'll also be sharing here all the blogs I'm contributing to other publications - Interiors, food, styling, social media, lifestyle, and of course styling. So subscribe below and join our creative community.

Let me know what you think of my logo by dropping a comment below!

Katie Jane @katiejane_stylist